Live from Lebanon

Editor’s note: Salhani’s essay about the potential for escalating violence in Lebanon takes special significance with the assassination of Lebanon's Industry Minister and Maronite Christian leader Pierre Gemayel.

The Regime Change We Need

Democracy fatigue threatens choose-your-color revolutions. Transparency of the executive can revitalize enthusiasm.

Lawrence GrooParag Khanna

On the Elections, From the Left

Corn diagrams the potential investigative revelations that a newly emboldened Democratic House, and possibly Senate, could unearth. But he warns of potential pitfalls not only for the Democrats, but the nation as well.

On the Elections, From the Right

Grover Norquist sees the elections as a potential watershed for the GOP. With many conservatives defecting, his enduring defense of party clearly signals a personal struggle to reconcile ideology and Republican loyalty.

A Republican Fratricide?

The election results provide as many questions as answers. Will civil war break out in the Republican Party over foreign policy? Can the Democrats maintain their tenuous unity?