The Next Iranian Elections

With parliamentary and presidential elections slated for the next two years, political posturing in the Islamic Republic provides insight into potential power shifts in Tehran.

Left-Out Legislature

The new Democratic Congress will find it has only a limited role to play in foreign policy.

Robert J. Lieber

Blair, and Britain, Slips off the Leash

The end of Blair-Bush bonhomie signifies much more than a shift in current geopolitics. The variance between the two world leaders suggests diverging paths of American and Britain of unknowable duration.

Munich Revisited

Russia is back as a major player in the international arena, and President Putin’s speech in Germany served notice to the United States and Europe that it is not going anywhere.

Serbia Votes Westward

A political narrative proved its ascendancy in Serbia’s election last week, reflecting widespread support for European integration and identity. But a series of potentially seismic developments threatens that support.