Reagan's Pragmatist

Despite the questioning of specific actions and policies, it remains indisputable that a combination of the times and Shultz's own strength of character made him one of our most successful secretaries of state.

Russia in Search of Itself

Russia's foreign policy cannot fail to provide for goals and tasks elevated above opportunist pragmatics.

Sergei Stankevich

Weisberg on Fukuyama's South Africa

Every student of international relations has thought about the question of why world communism fell apart when it did.

Francis FukuyamaJacob Weisberg

French Chefs

The final effacement of British national sovereignty will probably take place in December at the European Economic Community summit in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Boris Johnson

No Brakes, No Compass

LEON HOLLERMAN's preceding account of Japan's global strategy makes it easier to talk about what remains a conceptually elusive and controversial phenomenon: Japanese international power.

Karel van Wolferen


America is at war, and its citizens are understandably fixated upon events in the Persian Gulf.

John B. Dunlop

Northern Exposure

Soviet commandos were killing citizens in the Baltic republics last January, in part because the old military thinking and the groups whose interests are served by it are alive and well in Gorbachev's newly packaged Soviet state.

Alvin H. Bernstein