Nuclear Abolition, A Reverie

The hope that we might one day rid the world of nuclear weapons is as old as the technology itself. Atomic destruction has always seemed too great a risk to bear. Yet a nuclear-free world is nothing but a dream—world government, a Praetorian Guard

Fred C. Ikle

Luck of the Irish

An upcoming referendum in Ireland could derail the Lisbon Treaty. But even if it passes, the EU is still split on the issue of political integration.

Yalta Redux

The Eastern Europeans have been up in arms over Obama’s “reset” with Russia. Are the liberal hawks helping foster the myth of a second Yalta?

Obama's Sins of Omission

A scathing domestic dispute over health care is no reason for Obama to abandon his foreign-policy responsibilities. If he doesn't make hard choices soon—on everything from immigration to Iran—he may be a one-term president.

Loose Nukes

An arms race more unstable than the U.S.-USSR standoff during the cold war is fast becoming the reality in the Israel-Iran atomic confrontation.

Banana Republics

The Honduran crisis is none of our business and of little importance to American interests. Why is Washington intervening?