Rogue States Commentary

Turkey's Syria Conundrum

Ankara's confrontational policy supporting regime change in Damascus is coming under fire domestically.

The Problem with Grand Bargains

The incurable Western desire to reach a comprehensive solution through compromise may cause more trouble than it's worth.

Turkey Marches toward Missile Defense

How Ankara is preparing for a nuclear-armed Iran.

China's Assad Problem

Domestic concerns keep Beijing from supporting the Syrian rebellion.

A New Option for a Nuclear Iran

It's time to reexamine the option of a nuclear fuel bank.

Creating an Effective and Ethical Foreign Policy

Guidelines for policy makers confronting a conflict between America's tangible interests and its fundamental values.

The Odds of a Successful Syrian Intervention

Kenneth Pollack's rigorous exposition of the Syrian civil war prompts questions about whether a U.S. intervention would succeed.

Obama's Empty Bluster on Syria

The administration’s lack of leadership, competence and resolve has made a bad situation worse.

The Battle for Aleppo

How this key city became a strategic focal point for Assad, the Syrian rebels and the Turks.

Containing Pyongyang

The leadership change in North Korea means there is new potential for a coup. But Washington should not interfere there.

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April 19, 2014