Russia Ukraine Afghanistan

Guns for Peace

Arming Taiwan will allow the country to protect itself and free America of costly defense guarantees—and the possibility of a showdown with China.

Boisterous Bushies

Many of Obama’s conservative critics are responsible for the foreign-policy problems he faces. They need to lay off and let the president clean up their mess.

The Sick Man of Africa

Nigeria, with its massive population and growing network of radical Islamists, is on the brink of collapse—and is slated to be an even bigger problem than Yemen.

The New Year

Foreign policy will be the crucial political battleground of 2010—and it will make or break Obama’s presidency.

In the Shadow of War

Western society tends to see disaster all around, from climate change to terrorism. But we live in a time of unbridled prosperity. Our age has nowhere near as great a measure of crisis as the age of total war.