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Can Obama Save His Mighty Pivot to Asia?

Not by racking up frequent flier miles, he won't.

Say Yes to a Balance of Power in Asia

New alliances won't lead to another World War I.

Washington's Biggest Strategic Mistake

We've managed to pit China and Russia against us—a poor foreign policy move.


Low-Tech Terrorism

We fear weapons of mass destruction in terrorist hands. Yet the greater danger continues to from terrorists' older tools—the gun and the bomb.

Fracking Won't Bring Energy Independence

America is making its energy supply more secure—but we can't untie ourselves from the global energy market.

Say Goodbye to Taiwan

Time is running out for the little island coveted by its gigantic, growing neighbor.

Asia Is in America's DNA

Failing to play a dominant role in the Far East wouldn't just be foolish. It would change who we are.

China's Near-Seas Challenges

A threat to stability—for now.

Tinker, Tailor, Leaker, Spy: The Future Costs of Mass Leaks

The Manning and Snowden revelations have provoked a necessary conversation about liberty and security. But their mass disclosures harm America's intelligence partnerships and the trust of potential sources.


The Prize for Fencing Stolen Goods

Journalistic coverage of the NSA revelations has hardly been worthy of the Pulitzer.

What To Do After Peace Process Failure

Good and bad ideas.

Books & Reviews

Inside the Mind of George F. Kennan

The wisest of the wise men.

Max Americana

Do the presidents who are pushiest abroad get the most done?

Breach of Logic

An unpersuasive argument that America's civilian-military gap is widening—and sucking us into war.

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April 18, 2014