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Failed States


Can Libya Stay Together?

East, west and south are at risk of falling apart.

Forget "Mideast Peace"

We used to think solving Israel-Palestine would solve the region's problems. We're learning how wrong we were.

Catch-22 in the Sahel

America's fight against terror in West Africa—and its shortcomings.


The Deepening Chaos in Sinai

A security vacuum in the Egyptian peninsula has created a dangerous haven for terrorists and all sorts of illicit actors.

Something Is Rotten in the State of Iraq

Sunni vs. Shia. Kurd vs. Arab. Nationalist vs. Islamist. Iraq circa 2011 is looking an awful lot like Iraq circa 2004. The country is headed back to the anarchic depths from which it ever-so-briefly emerged.

A Mutiny Grows in Punjab

Securing Pakistan is far more important than “victory” in Afghanistan. And the U.S. counterinsurgency campaign is only stoking extremist flames in the Hindu Kush. Washington must pull back.

The Anarchic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan's military-intelligence complex is too preoccupied with countering India to mount a serious campaign against radicals who threaten the nation's survival. The country is being destroyed from within.

A User's Guide to the Century

Jeffrey Sachs explains why the new world order of the twenty-first century is crisis-prone.

Lines in the Sand

A nation-state’s borders are not sacrosanct. Failed states should be fragmented into more governable parts.


Unsolvable Syria

It is easy to confuse possibility with responsibility, and policy with inescapable reality.

The Evolving Scorecard on Libya

The foreign-policy community has paid little attention to Libya; many still see the war as a success.

Highlights from our Syria Coverage

Some of the best recent Syria articles.

Books & Reviews

Al Qaeda Rises in Yemen's Chaos

How the deadly offshoot of the infamous terror group got its start.

In the Hall of the Vulcans

We thought the lessons of Vietnam could never be unlearned. But Washington warmongering heeds no warnings, plunging America into the quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan. The depths of dysfunction behind these decisions seemingly know no bounds.

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April 17, 2014