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State of the Military


Ukraine's Political System Couldn't Have Handled Nukes

A Ukrainian frigate spent days with nobody knowing whose side it was on. Imagine that happening with a bomb.

Surprise Attack on Iran: Can Israel Do It?

Israel will need to achieve surprise if it hits Iran's nuclear program—yet that's very hard to do.

Turkey: Return of the Generals

Erdogan is shifting from the Gulenists to the military.


American Interest, American Blood

The price America pays in blood for its overseas initiatives rarely gets mentioned in political debates surrounding such policies, but it deserves more attention.

Egypt's Entrenched Military

The 2011 Tahrir uprising focused its wrath on Egypt’s authoritarian rule and economic inequalities. But now that the military seeks to co-opt the revolution, the power struggle is just beginning.

Rethinking the Pakistan Plan

U.S.-Pakistani relations are in crisis. Strategic fear of India prevents Pakistan from bending to U.S. demands. Easing India-Pakistan tensions could change the dynamics of the U.S.-Pakistan alliance.

Debating a Democratic China

Experts opine on how democracy would change China's foreign-policy priorities.

A Mutiny Grows in Punjab

Securing Pakistan is far more important than “victory” in Afghanistan. And the U.S. counterinsurgency campaign is only stoking extremist flames in the Hindu Kush. Washington must pull back.

Imperial by Design

Like his two most recent predecessors, President Obama is embarking on a disastrous foreign policy bent on global domination.


What's Going on with Military Officers?

A raft of scandals might be random—but we can't be sure.

Men on Horseback in the Maghreb

How civil-military relations explain Tunisia and Egypt's diverging paths.

Books & Reviews

Redcoat Leaders Weren't All Dolts

The British generals who lost the American Revolution were hardly incompetent fools.

Dilemmas of the Modern Navy

The maritime services are under growing strain. But is there really no alternative to U.S. sea hegemony in the same form we have seen it in since 1945?

Generals on the Firing Line

Tom Ricks thinks we don’t make generals like we used to. He may be right.

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April 18, 2014