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The Civilianization of War

From Ukraine to the South China Sea, states are using civilian proxies to counter the might of modern militaries.

Kuwait's Embattled Justice Minister Part of Deeper Terror Finance Problem

An alleged fundraiser for jihadists may be losing his post at the head of Kuwait's Justice Ministry, but the broader problem is far from solved.

Al Qaeda Reorganizes Itself for Syria

It may be returning to its deadlier, more centralized pre-9/11 structure.


Low-Tech Terrorism

We fear weapons of mass destruction in terrorist hands. Yet the greater danger continues to from terrorists' older tools—the gun and the bomb.

The Deepening Chaos in Sinai

A security vacuum in the Egyptian peninsula has created a dangerous haven for terrorists and all sorts of illicit actors.

Reading Machiavelli in Iraq

Machiavelli’s political analyses on civic life in Italy’s fifteenth-century city-states offer a good starting point for those interested in determining the best way forward for today’s Iraq.

The Elusive Obama Doctrine

The president gets solid marks for his handling of a host of tactical challenges. But his Afghan policy proved disjointed, he lacks a clear strategic framework and he has failed to put U.S. economic power at the core of his foreign policy.

Nigeria's Battle for Stability

Despite a veneer of democracy, this oil-rich nation has suffered from dysfunctional governance for decades, and tensions between the Christian South and the Muslim North are rising. Nigeria needs creative American diplomacy.

West's Afghan Hopes Collide with Reality

The outcome in Afghanistan won't resemble the vision of America and its allies, who wanted a strong, Western-aligned central government keeping the Taliban at bay. The goals should now be less ambitious.


Speculative Mischief and Flight 370

Sometimes rumors end up having public-policy consequences.

What the Saudis Fear

It has little in common with what its American allies fear.

The Iran Negotiations Begin

What happens next?

Books & Reviews

Al Qaeda Rises in Yemen's Chaos

How the deadly offshoot of the infamous terror group got its start.

The Army's Role in Israeli Politics

Has Israel’s military elite distorted Israeli politics—and rendered peace impossible—through its aggressive view of the world?

Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan

A new book exposes the weak feedback loops that doom Washington to repeat the same mistakes.

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April 18, 2014