President Ford, Arbiter of Neoconservatives

Robert F. Ellsworth reflects on the ideological infighting—particularly the rise of neoconservatives—that raged during the presidency of Gerald Ford, under whom he served as Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Boomeranging Sanctions on Iran

The Bush Administration now has Iran sanctions to brandish, but the resolution is pragmatically irrelevant, undermines U.S. interests and represents a liability for the UN and the Security Council.

Bush's Full Circle in Iraq

Given the ISG’s and Rumsfeld’s recommendations and Iraq’s realities, Bush will eventually alter policy. We won’t go long. Or big. Or home. We won’t withdraw, but we’ll draw back to other bases and the prewar containment that Bush said in 2002 woul

ISG: Cut and Hedge

The authors’ political hedging will allow the president to seize on just those elements of the report that would seemingly endorse his most ruinous policy innovation: a troop surge in Iraq.