Blair, and Britain, Slips off the Leash

The end of Blair-Bush bonhomie signifies much more than a shift in current geopolitics. The variance between the two world leaders suggests diverging paths of American and Britain of unknowable duration.

The Old, New Thing for Iraq

Britain’s “anti-surge” demonstrates its well-founded skepticism of President Bush’s “new” plan for Iraq. The plan contains some tried, and failed, economic and political strategies that are unlikely to achieve better results this time.

Biden on Congress, Iraq and Iran

In an interview, Senator Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, points to the potential for future Congressional action on Iraq and outlined a strategy for getting Iran to support a federal, stable Iraq.

Ahead of the Curve: Roadmap Revival?

The way forward is to concentrate on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, because the many problems of the region are so interlinked, can create, in turn, momentum for dealing with the other regional disputes that feed it.

Nikolas K. GvosdevRay TakeyhJohn C. Hulsman