The World's Resentment

Identifying the source and assessing the consequences of the revival and diffusion of anti-Americanism in world politics.

Peter W. Rodman

The American Way of Victory

The twentieth century witnessed, and its course was largely defined by, a trilogy of American wartime victories. But in the aftermath of the first two, the peace was lost. After the Cold War, will it happen again?

James Kurth

The Forgotten Player

For seven years, the Clinton administration has ignored or belittled the political importance of Japan. As nationalism reawakens in that country, this may prove to be a costly mistake.

Michael J. Green

Living With a New Europe

The challenge posed to the United States by the European Union is seriously exaggerated--and this is particularly true of the proposal for an all-European defense force. Daniel Vermet, Christoph Bertram and Timothy Garton Ash respond.

Zbigniew BrzezinskiDaniel VernetChristoph BertramTimothy Garton Ash

Globalization and American Power

Its players may change, and so may the equipment they use and the fields they play on, but the game of international politics stays essentially the same.

Kenneth Waltz

Meanwhile on the Left...

How the different strands of the Left have reacted to the end of the Cold War--and how they help explain developments on the Right.

Lawrence F. Kaplan