Pelosi's Pirouettes

Nancy Pelosi’s flip-flopping votes on the Iraq War and wishy-washy statements on torture are indicative of the supine stance Congress took during the Bush administration.

Proliferated Nonsense

Instead of demanding an end to all nuclear weapons, arms-control activists should have more realistic goals—like getting America and Russia to reduce their arsenals.

When Bibi Met Barack

President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu papered over policy differences at their meeting. But as America demands progress on Palestine and negotiates with Iran, will our relations with Israel be as cheery in the future?

Prepping for Piracy

Although pirates have faded from the headlines, they’re still going to be a problem. Maybe a new set of international-shipping standards could reduce them to criminal nuisances instead of romantic brigands.

Rothkopf Retorts

In an ongoing debate, author David Rothkopf issues a rebuttal to his critics at PNSR. Rothkopf says the national-security apparatus needs to work on solving

The Pentagon's Papers

The Defense Department is about to conduct its quadrennial policy review. But instead of being a funding wish list, the exercise should force the Pentagon to make hard choices about which programs to keep and which ones to axe.