Raising Jihad

Instead of turning back Islamism, military interventions lead large swaths of local populations to pick up arms in defense of their homelands

The Laws of War

Stopping torture and changing the policies of the Bush administration may not be enough. With a whole new type of terrorist bred from extraordinary rendition and torture, the last eight years may well prove inescapable.

Continental Drifts

America and the Continent may find themselves once again a united force to be reckoned with by the rest of the world. But the odds are grim.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

TNI Interview with Richard Perle

TNI Editor Justine Rosenthal talks with Richard Perle to discuss the neoconservative "conspiracy," why there won't be much change in foreign policy under Obama, how to deal with North Korea and Iran, and the future of the "neocon" agenda.