First Among Equals

We need to get ready for a time when America won’t be the world’s only superpower. Cutting our overseas commitments would be a good start.

Lost at the NSC

People are starting to talk of Obama creating an Eisenhower-lite foreign-policy team. This is a very good thing, if only a start. America no longer knows how to make good strategy. From the Nazi defeat in World War II to America’s triumph in the c

Andrew F. KrepinevichBarry D. Watts

Obama's Dry Run

Obama hasn’t said much about Mumbai or Gaza. That’s fine for now, but he’s missing a chance to test his national-security team in private.

Tbilisi's Baggage

America is about to make Georgia a “strategic partner.” But the country has nothing to do with our security, and actually could prove a major liability for our foreign policy.

A Realist Peace?

It may not seem like it, but the world has been pretty peaceful in the past few decades. Why? Liberals say international institutions, while realists think it’s the rise of nuclear weapons. The financial crisis is about to prove which group is rig

Hillary's Nuclear Umbrella

Hillary Clinton wants to extend our nuclear protection. But this would embolden our friends to the point of stupidity—and we’ll be left to clean up the mess.