Iran's New Imperialism

Iran is threatening smaller Gulf states like Bahrain and raising the hackles of its Arab neighbors. Are Tehran’s imperial dreams going to be a nightmare for America?

Strait Talk

China is expanding and modernizing its military. Taiwan’s is old and outmoded. We need to give our ally the tools it needs to defend itself.

Olmert's Virtues

Although Ehud Olmert has had a tough time, his tenure has seen Israel recover much of its deterrent capability. It’s now up to Netanyahu to turn this momentum into peace.

Barack the Timid

Instead of being bold and daring, Obama has been staid and cautious. He needs to take some risks and step on some toes to get America out of its economic funk.

Bashing Bashir

Although it’s easy to blame Darfur on Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, the problem will continue even if he’s gone. Instead, we need to focus our efforts on helping the refugees.

Awakening Afghanistan

To win the war in Afghanistan, we can’t focus on nation-building. We have to train Afghan forces to be self-reliant, freeing us to deal with al-Qaeda.

China's War Games

The recent naval fracas between China and America has stymied our relations. We need better diplomatic mechanisms to avoid such confrontations in the future.

Curse of the Khyber Pass

Afghanistan is a losing battle. Former-CIA officer Milton Bearden argues the Obama administration should turn to the provinces for answers—and consider arming the militias. Full article 

Milton Bearden