Designated Driver Diplomacy

Tory leader David Cameron has outlined a striking new vision for the Anglo-American partnership—with Britain in the role of the "skeptical friend."

John C. Hulsman

The Panda Menace

With all the recent coverage of China's involvement in Africa, Antoine Halff takes an in-depth look at Beijing's burgeoning relationship with the resource-rich continent.

Antoine Halff

Notes from the Balkans

The United States should not balk at getting more deeply involved in the volatile Balkans: a well-crafted foreign policy could yield real results.

Gordon N. Bardos

The Dispensable Nation?

Even though the United States has lost its Cold War–era aura of "specialness", the world still needs U.S. leadership.

Brent Scowcroft

Levantine Clarity

Pierre Habshi offers a spirited critique of Antony Sullivan’s Reporter-at-Large, " Levantine Labyrinths ", from the May/June issue.