Norks & Nukes

Kim Jong Il wants attention, so let’s give it to him. Normalizing relations with North Korea will reveal the true reasons for its nuclear ambitions.

A Boring Reset

Obama and Medvedev put off tough decisions for the next summit. If they really want to reset relations, they’re going to have to work a lot harder at it in the coming months.

Fool Me Twice

The neocons are at it again, blasting Obama for his “weakness” on Russia and Iran. But seeing as they were completely wrong about Iraq, why should anyone listen to them?

Speechless in Tehran

Obama can talk to Iran all he wants. The mullahs might listen, but they won’t do anything for us. So we shouldn’t concede anything in return.

The China Card

China says it wants to be a responsible stakeholder in the international community. It could prove it by ending North Korea’s nuclear program.