War and the Law(1)

 As the military campaign in Iraq continues, United States and other Coalition forces have scrupulously followed the applicable requirements of the laws and customs of war--despite the charges levied by the Iraqi leadership.

Jacob's Jottings: Blog Wars

As Republicans fall into line behind presumptive nominee John McCain on foreign policy, Democrats continue to cut each other down. The setting for this epic battle? The blogosphere.

Persian Pitfalls

A poll has revealed that most Iranians want closer ties with the United States, more democracy—and nuclear weapons. Why Washington should tread carefully in its dealings with the Islamic Republic.

Obama vs. Osama

The brouhaha over ex–Obama advisor Samantha Power raises another issue: should suspected terrorists be treated as garden-variety criminals or something else altogether?

Bismarck for President: Redux

Everyone was so surprised by Beijing’s reaction to the reception given to the Dalai Lama in Washington last year. But common sense should have left everyone without doubt—and now that the State Department has announced that President Bush’s specia