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The Real Origins of Realpolitik

An allegedly illiberal idea—and its liberal father.

Inglorious Revolutions

Revolutions rarely produce stable democracies and human rights overnight—and it's foolish to expect otherwise.

In Defense of Kissinger

The Blood Telegram gets America's reaction to the 1971 South Asia crisis wrong.

Give Corruption a Chance

Two cheers for corruption—though the West hates it, in some societies it produces good outcomes.

The Next American Majority

Our policy of demographic revolution—and its potentially profound economic and social effects.

The Age of Nationalism

Nation-states, and conflicts centering on them, remain the defining features of our time.

The Case for Norman Angell

He said that economic interdependence had made war obsolete. Four years later, World War One turned him into a laughingstock. Yet his later career saw him abandon many of his own illusions.

When Camelot Went to Japan

RFK's public-diplomacy trip turned the relationship around.

The Many Faces of Neo-Marxism

The German thinker's name has been attached to a wide range of modern ideas—poststructuralism, postmodernism, gender studies, etc.—yet he was more a man of his day than of ours.

Zionism's Colonial Roots

Netanyahu may insist his state is "not neo-colonial," but Vladimir Jabotinsky, his ideological ancestor, saw things differently.

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April 16, 2014