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Islamism: R.I.P.

Violent and preoccupied with power, Islamist ideology is a shell game whose time is up.

Mugabe, Mbeki, and Mandela's Shadow

Nelson Mandela's successor is providing vital help to the illiberal and undemocratic regime in Zimbabwe.

Human Nature and Human Rights

"Human rights" as understood today bear little relation to what it means to be human; but that does not faze their advocates.

German Fictions

An exchange on Jacob Heilbrunn's recent portrait of Germany's new literary Right.

The Rocky Shoals of International Law

International law is rapidly evolving a direction thaat threatens American sovereignty. With careful attention, however, the United States can mold the law to its advantage.

The Deconstruction of Death

Most public fears about the "genome era" have been overly alarmist. Yet the political consequences may be revolutionary.

The Vanity of Reason

A look at reason's self-destructive side, and an example of the same thing.

Two Plus Four

Ten years after the event, a key architect of America's response to German reunification looks back--and draws lessons for the present.

A Letter from Wales

The economy is fine, but everything else in Britain is falling apart--and the English still can't understand the Welsh.

The Forgotten Few

There has never, thank God, been a Battle of America.

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April 16, 2014