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Afghanistan Needs an Army Corps of Engineers

Before we leave, we should leave behind the technological means necessary for Afghanistan to thrive.

Silicon Valley Declares War on the NSA

The techno-optimists may think they're fighting for the moral high ground. They may just be fighting reality.


The Power of Moore's Law in a World of Geotechnology

Huge technological leaps are coming, and they're already creating a new realm of interstate competition.

Made in America

America still retains its innovative edge over China and India. But as long as Washington continues to handpick winners and losers, our preeminence is in jeopardy.

Spain's Atlantic Option

Spain's recent election has altered Madrid's foreign policy strategy. The transatlantic window is closing. Can it be re-opened?

Time to Kill: Europe and the Politics of Leisure

Europe, now liberated from the Cold War, as a whole is far more likely to face a period of acute economic stagnation, the undermining rather than the expansion of democracy, and serious social upheaval.

Morality and High Technology

Ours is an age in which any untoward development becomes a crisis, the slightest departure from the ordinary is immediately tagged as historic, and the mere glimmer of novelty is heralded as revolutionary.

Quantum Leap

The new world of foreign policy is neither a unipolar world nor a multipolar world, but an integrated global system, in which the United States plays a central, but constantly tempered, role.


Iran Hardliners Borrow UFO Cult Logo, Release Techno Song

Oh, and they released a bunch of anti-Semitic cartoons, too

The Far-Out Security Threat

Why do some unlikely threats get more attention than others?

Books & Reviews

Tracing China's Long Game Plan

Many Western observers think China is due to liberalize as it rises. Yet Chinese reformers have long favored Western ideas merely as a means to a different end: wealth and power.

The Fallacy of Human Freedom

Faith in progress and the perfectibility of human nature are at the center of Western thought. What if this faith is misplaced?

Eyes and Ears of the Arab Spring

The English-language news channel of Al Jazeera consistently is first on the scene of Mideastern developments, and its journalists provide smart analysis of global events. It may be today’s most influential television-news operation.

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April 17, 2014