Globalism and the American Tide

In this new book, Cairncross is a little breathless about the electronic communications that will conjure new worlds into existence. Nevertheless, because her text is well informed and her prose lucid, and because the technological developments ar

Bad Judgment at Bordeaux

The conviction in April of the former French treasury minister, Maurice Papon, for complicity in crimes against humanity has been welcomed across the world. But one French law professor has called the trial "a legal disaster", and its political ra

John Laughland

Mao in History

During the first decades of Mao's China, a time of American self-confidence and strong sense of purpose spurred by the World War II victory, U.S. Sinology for the most part took on an "idealist" rather than a "realist" orientation: hopeful about s

Ross Terrill

The Demons of Kosovo

The competing claims of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo have been hopelessly tangled in the webs of history and myth.

Warren Zimmerman

Can Asians Think?

Realistically, can the rest of the world continue to ride on the shoulders of the West? If Asians double in population in the next fifty years, will they be able to carry their fair share of this burden?

Kishore Mahbubani

Bearish on Teddy

Brands deserves congratulation on his new biography, an honest, enjoyable, sympathetic portrait of our twenty-sixth president, aside from a melodramatic prologue and some unfortunate bows to modern psychology.