An Announcement

This issue of The National Interest marks the beginning ofa new era in the life of the magazine.

The National Interest

Potemkin Democracy

Georgia's image in the West is belied by the reality on the ground.

Charles King

Blair's 'Ethical' Policy

Over four centuries, British foreign policy based on national interest has served the country well. Now its greatest threat may be the moral pretensions of Messrs. Blair and Cook.

Robin Harris

Islamism: R.I.P.

Violent and preoccupied with power, Islamist ideology is a shell game whose time is up.

Ray Takeyh

Their Gilded Age--and Ours

What would the titans of the Gilded Age say about the revolutionary effects of the New Economy and the globalization on world affairs? We've been here before.

Fouad Ajami

China and the Historians

A fresh look at China's last dynasty is leading sinologists to a more complex--and less deterministic--reading of modern China.

Charles Horner

The Deconstruction of Death

Most public fears about the "genome era" have been overly alarmist. Yet the political consequences may be revolutionary.

Fred C. Ikle