Being Blunt

The book is a novel, one of several by Mr. Banville, and yet as Knopf's classification suggests (and as it seems, in keeping with the literary rage these days), it is not to be taken as a novel only.

Not-So-Innocents Abroad

Gilles Kepel's internationally respected expertise in Islamic matters simply does not extend to their infusion within Western politics and society.

Yeltsin: the Problem, Not the Solution

Too much of Western energy, resources, and political capital has been sunk into schemes whose primary goal is propping up Yeltsin's regime, while not listening to what Russians themselves want and need.

Peter Rutland

Four Faces of Global Culture

If one is to heed Huntington's call for a dialogue between cultures, one must pay as much attention to the manner in which the different processes of cultural globalization relate to each other as to their relation with many indigenous cultures.

Peter L. Berger

One of the most nerve-racking dilemmas the Chinese government faces is reconciling the need for openness in the media with the dangers such openness portends for party control.

Diane P. Wolff

The Man Who Ran Franafrique

On the morning of March 19, 1997, an eighty-three year old Frenchman died in an apartment on the rue de Prony, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, after suffering for several years from Parkinson's disease.

Kaye Whiteman