The Man Who Changed the Game Plan

I am going to talk about how Ronald Reagan and his team--a team widely characterized at the time, both here and abroad, as a group of inexperienced and impractical right-wing ideologues and fanatics--prevailed in the Cold War.

Richard V. Allen

And Ulster Will Be Right

Protestant Irish nationalism needs to be taken seriously if the whole island is to avoid a Bosnian-scale civil war.

Peregrine Worsthorne

The Russian Boys and Their Last Poet

The recently deceased Joseph Brodsky was a man who overcame formidable obstacles on his way to becoming a great Russian poet and Nobel Laureate...

Dmitry Shlapentokh

No Illusions: Russia's Student Generation

As Russia navigates its current time of troubles, the identity of its youth, especially the elite in higher education, takes on greater importance than at any time since 1917.

Taylor E. Dark

Trop de Zle

Lord Owen is one of those many unfortunates who, in the period of terminal decline of the British Empire, was sent off to sup with devils, equipped only with an undersized spoon.

Hasan Unal

The Man Who Liked Reporters

Marlin Fitzwater was the most effective and well-liked press secretary since John F. Kennedy's Pierre Salinger. Fitzwater spent six years working for two presidents of markedly different public styles, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and lived to t