The Presidency Commentary

Protests, Putin and the Russian Elite

A look at the Russian power players in the wake of December's protests.

Ten Illusions Shattered in 2011

2011 was a tough taskmaster for the pretensions that permeate international affairs. At least ten were knocked asunder.

Preparing for a Nuclear Iran

It comes to this: Iran will get the bomb. America and/or Israel will have to stop them.

The Unintended Consequences of America's Adventure in Iraq

Sectarian violence. Government death squads. Closer ties with Iran. Iraq should be a lesson to those who wish to transform the Mideast.

Obama and the GOP on Foreign Policy: Reactive vs. Frivolous

After Obama’s nearly three years in office, it’s hard to find a single area where he was able to significantly advance U.S. national interests.

Counterterrorism in 2011: The Year of Abbottabad

With one of the greatest counterterrorism successes in history came one of the most difficult diplomatic tanglements.

A Strong Start to Tunisia's Long Journey

Tunisia may not be riding toward a bright dawn of democratic bliss, but its example is worth emulating nonetheless.

2011: Year of the Pragmatists?

Merriam-Webster named "pragmatic" its Top Word for 2011. Why the dictionary got it wrong.

Russian Protests Won't Stop Putin

Despite the recent unrest, Vladimir Putin is on track to be elected president once again.

Fostering Political Change in Egypt

Egypt will not become a liberal democracy overnight. Washington is betting on the wrong horse in Cairo.

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April 17, 2014