The Presidency Commentary

GOP Foreign-Policy Debate: America on the March

Guns blazing, the Republican hopefuls talk Iran, AfPak, Syria and more. One has to wonder what kinds of crises would unfold if one of these candidates were to become president.

The 1986 Tax-Reform Law: Lessons for Today's GOP

The Republican candidates want to overhaul the nation's tax system. What they—and you—need to know first.

Egypt at the Tipping Point

Tahrir Square is alive again. The fight for the future of Cairo has begun.

How Russia Views the Reset

Iran. START. U.S. missile shields. Georgia. The reset has a long way to go.

Is Italy the Next To Fall?

Italy’s problems go beyond a single man or the immediate financial crisis. Quite simply, the government cannot govern.

America's Long-Delayed Pacific Century

All indications to the contrary, Washington insists it's shifting its focus from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region.

A Cold Autumn in Russia: The Valdai Club 2011

Putin faces the herculean tasks of rooting out corruption and resetting ties with the West. Is he up to the challenge?

The Hubris of Attacking Syria

There is no good reason to attack Damascus. And Washington has no right to gamble with Syrian lives.

Resetting the Russian Reset in 2012

Washington-Moscow relations will change dramatically in 2012. The relationship's future is largely in Putin's hands.

The Double-Edged Sword of the Occupy Movement

American dissent at its finest, or a gathering ground for freaks and kooks? How the Occupy movement defies clear categorization.

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April 18, 2014