UN Commentary

Dead End in Damascus

How Syria may push U.S.-Russian relations over the edge.

How the Arab League Can Save Syria

Regime change in Syria is inevitable. The Arab League must help make it a reality.

The Palestinian Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

Palestinian leaders seem to have no interest in talking to Israel this year. Instead, they may be gearing up for a full-scale diplomatic effort to delegitimize it.

Are Sanctions a Fatwa on Iran?

The sanctions are not about Iran's nuclear program. They are aimed at regime change.

The Mideast Peace Process in 2011: Hopes and Disillusionment

Israel has turned the peace process into a farce. The international community is taking notice.

Sanctions Against Iran Are Overrated

Recent statements by Iranian officials are designed to mislead. Sanctions will not make them change their ways.

The Real Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The immensely popular Turkish PM has transformed his country and shaken up the region. But can Washington trust him?

Reining in Abbas: How America Should Punish the Palestinian Leader

Abbas shouldn't get a free pass for presiding over corruption and inviting a diplomatic train wreck. But cutting American aid isn't the answer.

Russia Serves U.S. Interests with Syrian Sanctions Veto

Why Washington should thank—not scold—Moscow for vetoing the UN resolution to increase sanctions on Syria.

The Palestinians' Next Move

The two-state solution is dead. America's credibility as a mediator is lost. Where Palestinians and Israelis stand in the wake of the UN showdown.

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April 19, 2014