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Unsolvable Syria

It is easy to confuse possibility with responsibility, and policy with inescapable reality.

Syria and the Burden of Incumbency

Everyone is free to criticize anyone else's position or recommendations, but the incumbent president is the only one who has to come up with a real policy and try to make it work.

Threats of Force Don't Always Help

They sometimes even hurt.

Putin's Pertinent Points

The Russian leader's New York Times essay was rightly criticized in places. Yet other portions of his message should not be ignored due to the messenger.

Syria and the Israeli Way of War

Is "mowing the lawn" the right approach for America?

The Coming Congressional Debate on Syria

A look at how the administration's proposal might play out.

Warped Motives on Syria

A war of good feelings and domestic expedience.

Mattis on the Iran Terror Plot

The former CENTCOM head raps the administration's response to an Iranian plot against the Saudi ambassador. Was he right?

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and When It Matters

Only certain kinds of international deception demand concern.

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April 16, 2014