Duration: 35:49

An Interview with Alexey Pushkov on Crimea

Alexey Pushkov, head of the foreign affairs committee within the Russian legislature, talks to The National Interest's associate publisher, Paul Saunders.

Duration: 14:44

TNI Interviews John B. Judis

Author of the controversial new book on Israel's early days.

Duration: 22:35

Andranik Migranyan on Russia and Its History

Jacob Heilbrunn sits down with the author of the controversial essay "Putin Is Russia's Reagan."

Duration: 11:57

Mearsheimer: "Neoconservatives Are in Real Trouble"

The famous scholar takes swings at the left and the right alike in a video interview.

Duration: 2:00

Nuances of School Choice

Uncompromising advocates and opponents ignore the details of what is at root a subtle issue.

Duration: 14:42

Sam Tanenhaus on Conservatism

New York Times writer-at-large Sam Tanenhaus talks to TNI editor Jacob Heilbrunn about the right.

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April 16, 2014