A Primer for Conservatives

March 1, 1991 Regions: Americas Tags: PostmodernismSociology

A Primer for Conservatives

Mini Teaser: The eruption of hot war in the Persian Gulf has imposed a ceasefire in the debate raging among American conservatives over the direction of American foreign policy.

by Author(s): Burton Yale Pines

With the threats from fascist and Marxist totalitarian regimes now repelled, Americans no longer need to conduct a foreign policy that automatically imposes great costs, great risks, and great distortions in the power relationship between the American people and their government.  What replaces this can be a foreign policy based on conservative principles.  This will create that reservoir of public understanding and support from which Washington confidently will be able to draw at those moments when American lives and resources must be risked.

Burton Yale Pines is senior vice-president of the Heritage Foundation.

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