Morality and High Technology

Morality and High Technology

Mini Teaser: Ours is an age in which any untoward development becomes a crisis, the slightest departure from the ordinary is immediately tagged as historic, and the mere glimmer of novelty is heralded as revolutionary.

by Author(s): Andrew J. Bacevich

To hazard a description of this broad-based Revolution in Security Affairs is inevitably to engage in considerable speculation. There are no "cases" to use for illustrative purposes. Nonetheless, certain political, economic, and social trends already in evidence suggest a rough outline.

Political developments pointing toward radical change in security affairs include the following:

* increasing constraints on sovereignty and on the freedom of action enjoyed by the individual nation-state;

* the eclipse of nationalism (crucial as the basis for rallying popular support for war in modern societies) by ethnic, religious, or regional loyalties; among intellectuals, a growing penchant

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