Secularism in Retreat

Secularism in Retreat

Mini Teaser: The world today, with some exceptions, is as furiously religious as it ever was, and in some places more so than ever.

by Author(s): Peter L. Berger

How does the religious resurgence relate to a number of issues that
are not usually linked to religion? First let us take international
politics. Here one comes up head on against the thesis, eloquently
proposed by Samuel Huntington, to the effect that, with the end of
the Cold War, international affairs will be affected by a "clash of
civilizations" rather than by ideological conflicts. There is
something to be said for this thesis. The great ideological conflict
that animated the Cold War is certainly dormant for the moment,
though I, for one, would not bet on its final demise. Nor can one be
sure that new and different ideological conflicts may not arise in
the future. Indeed, to the extent that nationalism is an ideology
(more accurately, each nationalism has its own ideology), ideology is
alive and well in a long list of countries.

It is also plausible that, in the absence of the overarching

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