The Perpetual Border Battle

The Perpetual Border Battle

Mini Teaser: Though some pundits insist illegal immigration is fading as a national problem, careful study of the border situation suggests otherwise. The challenge remains serious, and large enforcement gaps persist.

by Author(s): Mark Krikorian

Thus, there is no reason to conclude this big national crisis, or the intense political emotions it generates, will fade from the scene anytime soon. Those who think otherwise are engaging in wishful thinking, likely born of their own favorable view toward the immigration wave of recent decades. The problem is ongoing, as is the civic and political imperative that it be confronted.

Mark Krikorian is the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He is the author of How Obama Is Transforming America Through Immigration (Encounter Broadsides, 2010).

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Image: Pullquote: The Government Accountability Office reported last year that only 44 percent of the border is under “operational control.” It’s hard to say a task is complete when it’s not even half done.Essay Types: Essay