Liberté, Fraternité . . . Modernité?

Liberté, Fraternité . . . Modernité?

Mini Teaser: As part of a new series expressing the views of foreign policy thinkers around the world, France's new president discusses Franco-American relations, the European Union's future and the Middle East.

by Author(s): The National Interest

[With regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict], my conviction is that the only durable solution is to find a just peace. This means a negotiated agreement, with the establishment of two viable democratic states, living side by side in security with stable and recognized borders. No one can deny a fundamental reality: An occupied people will never give up, regardless of what they have to endure. This is why it is important to adopt a balance between the two sides. The security of Israel cannot be questioned, and nothing justifies the use of violence by the Palestinians, but Israel's adherence to a policy of fait accompli mortgages their future. France, with its partners, notably those within the Quartet, must do all it can to reach a negotiated solution.

Nicolas Sarkozy is president of the French Republic. This essay is excerpted from the interview he granted to The National Interest and Politique Internationale, which was posted in its entirety on National Interest online.

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