AR-15: How To Ensure This Rifle Stays in Top Shape

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AR-15: How To Ensure This Rifle Stays in Top Shape

Caring for a gun requires more than just the gun.


When you buy an AR-15 rifle, you need to buy more than just the AR-15. You’re also going to need ammunition, magazines, a sling, sights and an optic of some kind (if they don’t already come installed on the gun), a cleaning kit, and a variety of other tools.

Those ‘variety of other tools’ are exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. As the owner of a new AR-15, there are many responsibilities that come with owning the weapon, and one of those responsibilities is knowing how to properly take care of it. The tools that we are going to talk about in this article are exactly what make taking care of your AR-15 easier, and in some cases, they are actually fully necessary.


Take note that the tools we are going to discuss are not only needed for customizing your AR, but also for just taking care of it. And since you’re likely going to spend several hundred dollars at least on your rifle or carbine, it only makes perfect sense to also spend a little bit of extra money on the tools needed to keep your rifle in good shape with proper maintenance.

Top AR-15 tools that you need to have:

(Alphabetical order)

Brownell’s AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench

The Brownell’s AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench will be needed for installing and uninstalling many different kinds of AR-15 tools. Let’s put it this way: if you plan on putting your AR-15 to the workbench, you either need this tool or something just like it.

This wrench comes with numerous different head sizes, which will be needed for installing different accessories and components to your AR-15, such as stocks, compensators, and so on. This tool will also be needed for tightening any parts on your rifle that could come loose as well.

Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench

The Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench contains multiple necessary tools for working on an Ar-15 rifle, including a hammer, muzzle brake wrench, nut wrench, and torque wrench attachment point.

The grip is also highly comfortable and ergonomic, with the ability to provide plenty of torque to remove castle nuts or a barrel that won’t budge.

The full list of tools the Real Avid comes with include:

  • Castle nut wrench
  • 1/2″ torque receiver
  • Fixed steel hammer head
  • Brass hammer head
  • Nylon hammer head
  • Rubber hammer head
  • 3/4″ muzzle brake wrench
  • Mil spec barrel nut wrench
  • Laser-etched torque specs
  • Free-float barrel nut wrench
  • 5/8″ receiver extension wrench.

Precision Reflex AR-15 Upper Receiver Vise Block

The Precision Reflex Upper Receiver Vise Block will be used for working on the upper receiver of your AR-15. This vise block is very durable and simple to operate, and will also hold your AR-15 securely.

When customizing your upper receiver, you can use the Precision Reflex to firmly hold everything in place.

What’s better, is that the Precision Reflex is not excessively large and will therefore not take up a lot of space in your working space, unlike a lot of other vise blocks that are out there on the market.

Starrett Pin Punch Set

Remember how you’re going to need the Commando Miniature Ball Pein Hammer to help you get the pins out of the rifle. Something else you are going to need is a pin punch set, such as the Starrett Pin Punch Set. You will need a pin punch set like this if you plan on fully disassembling your AR-15 in order to perform maintenance work on it.

Remember, the pins of an AR-15 can sometimes be rather difficult to remove, and the only way you can remove them is if you have a tool that is long and thin enough to fit through the pin holes. The Starrett Pin Punch Set comes with a number of pin punches to accommodate every size of AR-15 pinhole in existence. You will literally have no shortage of lengths or widths at your disposal. Pair this with the Commando hammer that we discussed previously, and you’ll be all set.

TekMat Cleaning Mat

When the time comes to clean your AR-15 rifle, you can lay it all out on the TekMak Cleaning Mat. When wiping the insides and outsides of your AR-15 with solvents and gun oil, you’ll want to keep your table or floor protected, and that’s where the Cleaning Mat comes in.

But what makes the TekMak such a great option for a cleaning mat, especially for beginners, is that it features a diagram of a fully taken apart AR-15 with a list of every component of the rifle and easy-to-follow visual images of where those parts need to be placed into the rifle.

This means that when taking down your AR-15 (or putting it back together), all you need to do is glance at the TekMak and you will instantly know where each piece needs to go. So not only will the TekMat be a great choice for a cleaning mat, it will also be an invaluable resource in determining how to put together your rifle.

Wheeler Engineering AR-15 Armorer’s Essentials Kit

The Wheeler Engineering AR-15 Armorer’s Essentials Kit is a basic AR kit that will be an excellent choice for those who are new to the AR-15 platform.

This kit consists of a gas tube alignment tool, adjustable receiver link, torque wrench, and combo tool (and as an added bonus, it all ships in a convenient carrying case).

You can buy each of those tools separately to build a truly customized kit, but you’ll save money if you buy all of them together with the Wheeler. Take note that another option you can go with for a complete armorer’s kit would be the Real Avid AR-15 Master Kit.


Whether you already own an AR-15 or plan on buying one, owning these essential AR-15 tools will make caring for your AR-15 easier and ensure you’re more likely to keep up regular maintenance.

Remember that by buying each of these tools separately, you can effectively put together your own custom AR-15 tool kit, and you’ll then be fully prepared to customize your AR exactly as you see fit.

This article first appeared at Gun News Daily.

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