The B-1 Bomber: Now Armed with Hypersonic Missiles?

October 1, 2019 Topic: Security Blog Brand: The Buzz Tags: B-1B-2MilitaryTechnologyWorldHypersonic Weapons

The B-1 Bomber: Now Armed with Hypersonic Missiles?

The Air Force arming its classic B-1B bomber with long-range, lethal hypersonic weapons able to move at 5-times the speed of sound, skip along the boundaries of the earth’s atmosphere and descend upon targets at lightning speed -- before an enemy might have a chance to respond, or even know what’s on the way? It might be coming soon that you think. 

Given the pace and urgency of hypersonic weapons development, Sakulich made a point to emphasize inter-service collaboration when it comes to research and development.

“All of the lab commanders meet on a regular basis to compare priorities and investments. D0D is sharing information across the laboratories. The Army is interested in hypersonics, the Navy…. all of us, so we are using these types of collaborative processes and mechanisms,” Sakulich said.

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