Check Out the X-Bolt: Is This The Best Rifle on the Planet?
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Check Out the X-Bolt: Is This The Best Rifle on the Planet?

We break it all down.


Browning has recently introduced a new rifle in their lineup: the X-Bolt Max Long Range.

The X-Bolt Max Long Range, as the name clearly suggests, is designed for long range shooting and is built appropriately for the task.


This first appeared in March 2019.

The rifle comes installed with a stainless steel fluted heavy sporter barrel, and features a threaded muzzle brake at the end to help reduce recoil. It also features a ⅝”-24 TPI suppressor thread, making it suppressor ready right out of the box.

The end of the Composite Max stock features spaces that allow you to adjust your length of pull, and the bolt handle has also been extended in contrast to other bolt action rifles so that ejecting spent shell cases and chambering new ones can be done much faster.

This rifle is also ready to be installed with a sling and bipod thanks to three swivel studs that are present on the rifle. The stock has a nice gray and black finish that you will be sure to notice as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a brand new long range competition or hunting bolt action rifle, the X-Bolt Max Long Range could be worth a look.

This article by Will Ellis originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Browning