Don Lemon Triggered by Trump Meme on CNN: 'This Is Literally Crazy'

Moderator Don Lemon of CNN speaks to the audience before the start of the second night of the second 2020 Democratic U.S. presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan, July 31, 2019. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
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Don Lemon Triggered by Trump Meme on CNN: 'This Is Literally Crazy'

He didn't like President Thanos.


CNN’s Don Lemon reacted in disbelief on “Don Lemon Tonight” over a meme President Donald Trump’s campaign posted Tuesday.

The meme shows the president superimposed as Thanos, a fictional character from the “Avengers” movies. Trump is “snapping” a number of Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, into oblivion.


“What are we, in junior high school? Like what the hell? What is this?” Lemon said Tuesday. “Like what — what? I cannot believe that I’m even having to report this on the news.”

Lemon appeared shocked by what he referred to as a “stupid, juvenile meme game.”

CNN’s @donlemon got absolutely Triggered over @TrumpWarRoom’s Thanos meme.

— ALX ???????? (@alx) December 11, 2019

“This is crazy. This is literally crazy,” he continued. “Are you people insane? Are you insane? Go ahead, troll the Democrats on Twitter. Do this stupid, silly you know what. Play this stupid, juvenile meme game. History won’t record this meme stupid crap.”

House Democrats can push their sham impeachment all they want.

President Trump’s re-election is ????????????????????????????????????????.

— Trump War Room (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TrumpWarRoom) December 10, 2019

Lemon noted that history would record “the day that the House of Representatives in the United States of America introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States of America, for committing high crimes and misdemeanors.”

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