Gun Owners Are Passionate About Glock: 3 Ways to Make Them Better
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Gun Owners Are Passionate About Glock: 3 Ways to Make Them Better

A few ideas.

The reason they kept these OEM parts is to maintain the Glock reliability and simplify the installation process. That being said these aren’t your basic OEM parts. The disconnector is set to 3.5 pounds for a light and smoother trigger pull. The trigger bar is highly polished, with a special focus in the areas that create friction.

The biggest change is the Agency Arms trigger. It replaces the plastic Glock OEM trigger with an Agency Arms drop in flat faced trigger. The flat faced trigger grants you more control over the trigger. It allows to pull the trigger with complete control. This doesn’t just make the trigger easier to pull, but easier to control if you don’t need to shoot.

The Agency Arms flat faced trigger is made entirely from aluminum. The trigger is split at the bottom to eliminate trigger pinch and to allow the trigger safety to recess friction free. Agency Arms produces this trigger for the standard frame models, as well as the single stack Glock 43 9mm.


If your Glock is designed to be used for duty use, or for concealed carry then the Apex tactical trigger is for you. The Apex trigger’s full name is the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock.

This is a direct drop in trigger, so installation is simple and can be done with very little technical skill. You’ll need your Glock armorers tool of course. The Apex Tactical Glock trigger reduces pre-travel and post travel. This gives you a shorter, and crisper trigger pull. The shorter the trigger pull the less room it has to mess up.

The Apex tactical Glock trigger has a smooth uptake that glides more than it moves. Once you hit the end of the trigger pull you are greeted with a glass rod trigger break. It breaks, the gun fires and as you release it the trigger resets. Not only does the Apex trigger keep the famous Glock reset it improves on it.

The Apex trigger maintains the safety features of the standard Glock trigger. This is critical for tactical use. The Apex trigger system uses a flat face aluminum trigger that can be anodized in a variety of different colors. Red, purple, black, are all options. The Apex trigger is a great edition to any Glock, duty or otherwise.


The Glock platform is now in its 5th generation. Glocks have been adopted for use in police and military forces, for concealed carry, and of course competition use. The Glock aftermarket is only going to grow larger.

That’s great for the end consumer, but don’t be swindled by promises of new and revolutionary. Established trigger companies, with solid reputations should be the first consideration. New products are great, but always do your research.

This article by Will Ellis originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Reuters.