Here Are the Best Ways to Safely Store Your Gun At Home

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Here Are the Best Ways to Safely Store Your Gun At Home

Common sense ideas.

Safes are generally the best choices to conceal a gun, mainly because everything is under lock and key. Still, since gun safes tend to stick out like a thorn, you might want to learn how to conceal them.

Behind a Mirror or a Painting

Perhaps one of the best but most efficient ways to conceal a gun safe is to build it in the wall, right behind a mirror. Mirrors are designed to look natural and compliment a room – which is why no one would think of looking for a gun there. Plus, even if they do end up finding the safe, they will not know how to get to the goods – mainly because they will have to get past the security first.

The same technique can be applied with a clock or any wall decoration. So, if you have something wide enough to hide a safe, you should use it.

In the Nightstand

You may either update your drawer so that it can fit a safe, or you may buy a nightstand that already has a built-in one. The newer, fancy nightstand gun safes will open using your fingerprint – which means that if you notice suspicious activity in your home while you are in your bedroom, you can act upon it immediately.

Under the Bed

On the same principle of putting a gun safe in your nightstand, you may also place one under the bed. Plus, considering that the space there is fairly wide, you will be able to hide a handgun as well as any rifles that you may use for hunting. A bed gun safe is a perfect place that you may use if you have an entire arsenal at home.

Final Thoughts

Hiding a gun can be quite easy. You just have to think this way: if I were a child or a burglar, where would I not look? People have come up with very ingenious ways to hide their guns in plain sight – and you should certainly try their methods as well.

This article by Chris Browning originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

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