Hisense Kicks Off CES by Showing Trichroma Laser TV

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Hisense Kicks Off CES by Showing Trichroma Laser TV

Will this new Chinese-made TV be able to break into the market?

The 2021 all-digital International CES kicked off Monday morning with a thirty-minute presentation from Chinese manufacturer Hisense.

While the presentation touted a great deal of what the company called its successes in different product areas, the main event of the presentation was clearly the new New TriChroma Laser TV system.

The product, which will come with a 100-inch screen, will be powered by “different colored lasers,” resulting in “purer color performance.” The company did not announce pricing or availability for the product, except to ask viewers to “please continue to pay attention to what’s in store for Hisense Laser TV.”

An accompanying press release promised new products in “various screen sizes, from 75-inch to 100-inch giant screen with elimination of ambient lighting.”

In the presentation, Hisense executives noted that other TV brands, including Sony and Samsung, have followed its lead in introducing such laser-based products. “We led the way, others followed,” vice president Mr. Fisher Yu said.

The company also outed an “ecosystem of screens,” which they say will serve to “satisfy families’ social and entertainment needs.” Yu added that “we have become people of the screen.”

Hisense said that laser TV, in 2020, was “the only category with growth in the market” in China, and that it had a 288 percent increase in overseas Laser TV sales last year. And Hisense is now #1 in market share for TVs in China, the company said.

“Screens are vitally important in the reconstruction of our lifestyle due to their unique value and function…” Yu said in his keynote speech. “Services, social experiences, people. The screen will connect them all.”

The Hisense presentation did not look particularly different from what one would normally see on the CES stage in a non-pandemic year. A pair of executives, Mr. Yu and chief scientist Dr. Xianrong Liu, each spoke alone from a stage, in front of large video screens, where they occasionally paused for video presentations. And also, as often happens with CES presentations, it ended with an out-of-left-field performance, this time by a pair of dancers who danced across an assortment of Hisense products.

Dr. Liu also made some futuristic pronouncements, at one point predicting that robots “will walk out of the screen,” like in the movie “Blade Runner 2049.”

He also stated that Hisense had originally brought the Laser TV concept to CES in 2015. The year before, the company had been one of the first two to introduce Roku TV models, although Roku was not a focus of the presentation Monday.

A video at the beginning of the presentation also referenced the company’s high-profile partnerships, including with retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, of the French soccer club Paris St Germain FC, and its official sponsorship of the Euro 2020 soccer tournament, which will be played in 2021.

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Image: Hisense.