How China Turned Hong Kong Riotous
May 28, 2020 Topic: Politics Region: Asia Blog Brand: The Buzz Tags: ChinaHong KongHong Kong ProtestsHong Kong RiotsFree Hong Kong

How China Turned Hong Kong Riotous

Beijing’s tactics since Occupy Central have radicalized protesters.

In 2010, 70% of Hong Kong residents identified as either “Chinese” or “mixed identity.” Today, about 55%. The trend is towards declining “Chinese” identification with every age group (though youth are lowest in absolute terms). Beijing thinks they need more force and control to solve their problem, but that’s what created this problem for them in the first place.

Currently based in China, Mitchell Blatt is a former editorial assistant at the National Interest, Chinese-English translator, and lead author of Panda Guides Hong Kong. He has been published in USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Korea Times, Silkwinds magazine, and Areo Magazine, among other outlets. Follow him on Facebook at @MitchBlattWriter.

Image: Reuters