How Would America's M60 Patton Tank Perform On A Modern Battlefield?

March 11, 2020 Topic: Security Blog Brand: The Buzz Tags: M60MilitaryTechnologyWorldTank

How Would America's M60 Patton Tank Perform On A Modern Battlefield?

Will upgrades keep it in the game?

Keep in mind that even the up-armored Sabras are taking losses, and the SLEP upgrade doesn’t feature survivability improvements besides the removal of the turret hydraulics. The Patton’s armor protection would prove even more inadequate against the armor-piercing sabot rounds of tank guns, which are harder to protect against.

Raytheon is offering an update to the Patton that makes it a killer (of tanks), but not a survivor. However, the trend in modern warfare strongly favors keeping one’s own soldiers alive. Even Russia’s new T-14 tank, with its unmanned turret and sophisticated defensive systems, reflects this priority.

The Patton may reliably soldier on and contribute its heavy firepower to the battlefield—but in an era where minimizing casualties and denying propaganda victories to the other side is important, its dated armor protection will remain a liability.

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