The Magnum Research BFR: The Most Customizable Revolver on the Market?

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The Magnum Research BFR: The Most Customizable Revolver on the Market?

If you choose to do so, you can customize everything from the finishes to chambering.

The Magnum Research BFR is a single-action revolver that’s designed to stand up in any conditions. You can choose the base model BFR, or you can customize nearly every component to get the personalized revolver of your dreams.

The BFR comes in both a long and short-cylinder format. If you choose to do so, you can customize everything from the finishes to chambering. It’s available in eighteen different calibers, including both .44 Magnum and .460 S&W. The standard model comes with a Hogue rubber grip, and the Bisley-style frame really lets you get a secure grip to better control recoil. This is especially important if you choose a heavier chambering.

When you’re customizing your revolver, you can choose between standard and high-visibility sights. I went with the standard sights, which include a plain front blade (drilled-and-tapped into the barrel) and a rear sight that’s click-adjustable for both windage and elevation. The rear sight is slightly serrated to cut any glare, and the combination of the two sights really provides a great picture.

If you’d prefer to mount a scope, there are three holes drilled and tapped on the flat of the receiver to do so. You can add a factory scope mount when you place your order, which will allow you to attach any optics and sights you’d like. Even with high-powered ammo, the BFR is one of the most accurate revolvers I’ve ever shot. One-hole groups are common, even from twenty-five yards, and my average ten-shot group was just over 1”.

The BFR’s single-action trigger breaks consistently between 2.5 and 3 pounds, with just the slightest bit of creep. It features a transfer-bar safety, which prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger has been pulled all the way back. This gives it points for safety if you need to carry. Speaking of safety, check out Colson’s guide on the best firearm safes.

The revolver’s cylinder will hold five rounds, which can be loaded and unloaded through a hinged loading gate. The cylinder spins freely in either direction, and a spring-loaded, stainless steel ejector rod sits underneath the barrel. To eject your spent cases, all you have to do is press the crescent-shaped top.

Unlike the Model 66, the BFR is not a compact revolver. While length and weight vary based on the options you choose, my BFR features a 7.5” barrel that brings the overall length to 13.75”. It weighs just over four pounds, and while recoil can be heavy, it’s manageable with a firm grip.

If you want to add the BFR to your collection, the base model retails for around $1,200. Custom models are pricier, starting at $1,400, but still cost hundreds less than some other custom revolvers.

Overall, the BFR is powerful and accurate enough for things like home defense, hunting, or range shooting, and the customization possibilities are endless. If you want a high-quality custom revolver, I’d fully recommend the Magnum Research BFR.

Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, 1945, Daily Caller, and other publications.

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