A New Stealth Fighter? Russia Gets Ready to Unveil Its Latest Jet

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A New Stealth Fighter? Russia Gets Ready to Unveil Its Latest Jet

The new fighter jet will be unveiled on the first day of MAKS-2021 aviation exhibition.

Russia has developed a new fifth-generation fighter jet, and photos have emerged of it this week.

According to The Aviationist, which cited photos posted to Twitter by Rostec, the jet is scheduled to debut July 20 at the MAKS show in Zhukovskiy.

The site noted that most of the branding of the jet is in English, meaning it is likely aimed at the foreign market.

What’s In The New Plane

The Russian news agency TASS reported a bit earlier this week about the new jet.

“According to the data available, the plane features low radar signatures in various bands, a high thrust to weight ratio, a large weapon payload, and advanced air-launched armaments,” the TASS report said.

Oleg Panteleyev, the executive director of the Aviaport Aviation News Agency, discussed the jet in the TASS report.

“The teasers in English and the regions that the pilots presented in a video released by Rostec [state tech corporation] suggest that the domestic light fighter will be in competition with the US F-35 aircraft on foreign markets,” Panteleyev said in the report. “I am certain that the fighter’s demonstration at the MAKS-2021 will create a wow effect. It is not accidental that [Russia’s state arms exporter] Rosoboronexport has invited over 120 delegations from 65 countries of the world to the aerospace show.” 

Our national security reporter, Mark Episkopos, wrote about the new jet earlier this week, noting a YouTube video that was released. 

“The trailer featured a blurry, long-distance shot of an aircraft, accompanied by B-roll footage of what appears to be—namely, the United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, and Argentina—reacting to the announcement," he reported. “All four of these countries have been in talks with Russia or they are currently in talks with the country over prospective weapons sales, suggesting that the fighter will be marketed as an export product.”

A Russian press statement added additional detail about the new jet. 

“Russia is one of the few countries in the world with full-cycle capacities for producing advanced aircraft systems, as well as a recognized trendsetter in the creation of combat aircraft,” the statement said. “The new product developed by UAC specialists should arouse genuine interest not only in our country, but also in other regions of the world, including our competitors abroad.”

The Struggles of Russian Veterans

We also reported this month about the difficulties being faced by Russian soldiers, as well as veterans.

“For a significant part of the military personnel and their family members, dismissal from the army leads to the collapse of many hopes and the loss of life and development prospects,”  Russian researcher Vadim L. Kalinichev said of the phenomenon.

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Image: Reuters.