North Korea's Artillery: Could Kim's 'Big Guns' Destroy Seoul?

December 5, 2019 Topic: Security Region: Asia Blog Brand: The Buzz Tags: North KoreaWarNuclearMissileWeapons

North Korea's Artillery: Could Kim's 'Big Guns' Destroy Seoul?

Seoul isn't safe, but it isn't doomed either.

Influencing the Narrative Battle

By ineffectively countering the canard about the damage North Korea can inflict on Seoul through conventional fire power, the United States and its allies have allowed public support to be swayed by erroneous considerations. Additionally, U.S. officials have devalued the importance of public support during a period of confrontation that has also fanned an avoidable ambience of fear. This is not an issue about the wisdom of a military option, which arguably is potholed with unacceptable outcomes, but about neglecting the importance of influencing the battle of narratives.

Lt. Gen. Prakash Menon is a former military advisor in India’s National Security Council Secretariat. Lt. Gen. PR Shankar is the former director general artillery of the Indian Army. This first appeared in January 2018.

Image: Reuters.