Russian Officer Claims Moscow Had Psychic Soldiers and Telepathic Dolphins

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Russian Officer Claims Moscow Had Psychic Soldiers and Telepathic Dolphins

Both sides dabbled in pseudosciences during the Cold War.

A Russian military publication published an article by a military field officer, claiming that the post-Soviet state has access to psychic soldiers and telepathic dolphins.


The state-funded Army Digest is coming under fire from some government officials after it released the work of Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, who wrote about “metacontact technology.”

According to Poroskov, ‘metacontact’ was taught to the Russians by telepathic dolphins, and a soldier trained in the ‘metacontact’ arts can provide a unit with unique intelligence-gathering and sabotage capabilities.

For example, Russian soldiers trained in ‘metacontact’ can provide interrogation information from the minds of captured enemy soldiers, upset enemy supply lines, destroy crystals in generators, eavesdrop on conversations, jam radio communications, and more.

Russian scientists are panning the colonel, claiming that ‘metacontact’ is bogus parapsychology.

“All this is complete nonsense,” said Yevgeny Alexandrov, chairman at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “No parapsychology exists at all, it’s a fairy tale. All the talk about the transfer of thought at a distance does not have a scientific basis, there is not a single such recorded case, it is simply impossible. This is a way to squeeze funds from the state budget.”

According to Popular Mechanics, both sides dabbled in the psychic pseudosciences during the Cold War, with the US largely abandoning projects such as the STAR GATE remote viewing program.

This article by Jason Dehart originally appeared at War is Boring in 2019.

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