Size Doesn't Matter: The Story Behind the 10 Best Small Guns Ever

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Size Doesn't Matter: The Story Behind the 10 Best Small Guns Ever

They can protect your home or business.


At an average price point of $479.99, it won’t break the bank, but you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth at the same time.



The CCP stands for Concealed Carry Pistol and this Walther model lives up to its namesake. A 9mm Luger, the CCP utilizes softcoil gas technology for gas-delayed blowback.

By directing gas pressure through a small port in the barrel, it slows down the rear motion of the slide.

This ensures that the empty cartridge casing will be properly ejected when fired.

With an 8-round capacity, the CCP is at the top of the heap when it comes to a concealed carry pistol that allows for rapid fire.

Its unique non-slip grip is a handy feature to have on rainy days or in other outdoor situations. It’s also got a reversible magazine release for left-handed or right-handed shooters. The front sight is interchangeable while the rear sight is adjustable.

Cabela’s stocks this one at a price point of $469.99, making it every bit as affordable as the other pocket pistols on our list.


So there you have it, these are my top ten picks for best modern, cutting edge pocket pistol. Each of them is a viable option for concealed and carry needs. I urge my readers to shop around and do their homework.

Although I’ve given you plenty to think about, it always helps to see what other reviewers and customers have to say about their personal experiences with any given firearm. Research is key when settling on the pistol that fits your preferences.

If you have any additional comments or suggestions please drop a comment below. Thanks and remember to protect yourself and your ears when shooting.

This article by Will Ellis originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Reuters